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Stencil Concrete Driveways Townsville

Clients should know and understand the different concrete stencilling services offered by companies before considering stencil concrete to add style to their homes. Stencil concrete driveways will be adding unique beauty to your property and, through this process, a lot of different finishing effects can be achieved such as bricks, tiles, rosettes, and so much more. Stencils are used to make unique patterns on concrete surfaces in modern Townsville homes. 

Usually, only one Colour is used as a predominant Colour however clients may also choose other Colours to create a new pattern for the finished concrete. This is done by expert workers who prepare the old concrete surface for the stencilling. Preparing the surface is the most challenging part of the whole process as it allows the Coloured concrete to strongly attach to the base concrete. We may not achieve a durable finish if it is not properly prepared.

Stencilling: Details and Implications

Expert concreters use a stamping technique to avoid the stencil concrete from appearing straight out flat and less appealing. A surface depth will be achieved as an end result if a stamping technique is used. We want our clients to know that it is very important alongside having experts perform this project so that a natural-looking finish will be achieved.

It is always up to our clients to choose which unique design will best suit and complement their property. Although decision making is difficult considering that there are so many options to choose from, we want our clients to know that Pro Driveways Townsville will be here to help you along the way. We also advice our clients to look online for other available designs.

We always give our clients the freedom to choose one Colour for the general surface and pick a different pattern for the edges of the area. However, should the client wish to select a mixture of Colours, we would also gladly support this idea to create a more unique look.

Because of science and innovation, options are infinite. Our clients can have multiple patterns in one driveway through breaking up large surfaces and adding a new pattern straight in the middle. The possibilities are endless. With the help of the stamping technique, natural-looking stone finish can be achieved. Rates will differ from project to project but, with us, we guarantee that we will be providing our quality services for affordable rates. 

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