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Pro Driveways Townsville always comply with the national concrete standards. Even though our projects have a 5-year structural guarantee, we can affirm that your driveway will last so much longer than that, possibly a lifetime! We do not limit our services to building and installing driveways, Pro Driveways Townsville also offer services such as building entertainment areas, patios, and pool areas for your homes. We can work on either residential or large commercial properties.

We dedicate ourselves into finding the right concrete solution that will really complement your property and match your vision. Your property’s overall appeal will significantly be improved through the expertise of Townsville Driveway’s expert workers alongside high-quality resources. With rates most friendly to you, we will make your vision happen no matter which concrete finish you will decide on.

We believe it is true when people say that first impressions last which is why we want your concrete driveways to truly reflect your personality. The exterior design of your property is just as essential as its interior counterpart. As the concrete driveway is the first thing people see when they enter your property, it should reflect how you wish to be viewed by those around you.

newly done concrete driveway

Due to its premium features, this can never go out of style. It is one of our most popular. With so many stones, pebbles, rocks, you will definitely find something that will uniquely match your property.

exposed aggregate

There are so many Colours to choose from. Not only will coloured concrete look beautiful in its chosen Colour, it is also a very sturdy finish. To ensure an even Colour pay off, coloured oxide is added into the concrete mixture before laying it. A sealant is also used to create a richer Colour.

grey driveway

Both complex and simple styles and patterns are easily achieved with stencilled concreting. Pro Driveways Townsville do it by applying a patterned stencil on wet concrete to leave marks of the pattern as it dries out. Most of the time, bricks and tiles are often picked by our clients.

stencil patterns

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