Exposed Aggregate Driveways

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Exposed Aggregate Driveways Townsville

This is very popular among modern Australian homes. It is considered as the king of driveway materials as it gives a seamless surface which would blend form and function together. It is just as durable as it is versatile. It can increase the value of your property by transforming basic concrete into a long-lasting design statement.

What is exposed concrete?

Usually, the top layer of cement is smoothed off to create an even finish. By doing this common method, a clean finish will be produced however is can result with less practicality in terms of traction and durability. However, with exposed aggregate, the top layer of the cement and fine aggregate are removed after the concrete has been poured. By doing this process, large aggregate particles like stones and pebbles are exposed thus a more attractive surface can be created. Exposed aggregate is a perfect match for the outdoors since it adds grip to the area. This cement finishing is versatile and would produce a very elegant concrete finish.

A truly versatile material

Our client’s options are limitless because of the unlimited Colour options and textures available. Large stones and sand can also be used to create exposed aggregate. Using different sizes and grades of these elements can create a variety of different effects. We can make a glossy finish by using quartz and aggregate mixture to catch lights. Coloured glass can also be added to the mixture to create more effects. Pro Driveways Townsville offer neutrals and other bold Colours like emerald green and rose pink. There is a wide array of Colours, effects, and textures our clients can choose from the create their desired output. 

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It is not rare when clients come to us without any idea which Colour palette and finish would be best for their property. This is why we offer the services by A Better Driveway which will help you source out the best surfacing solution to match the exterior of your property. There are many ways to create exposed aggregate with the help of the wide range availability of Colours and textures. This will result to uniquely beautiful concrete. No two finishes will ever be the same!

Finish Options

Water wash

The is done by washing away the surface covering the aggregate. There is no need to use chemicals or tools to remove the surface mortar. By spraying water on a surface and a little scrubbing afterwards, the desired output will be achieved. It will have an end-result that is attractive, functional, and long-lasting on top of it all.


This is done by exposing the aggregate after the concrete has been set with the use of abrasive blasting. This finishing is best suitable for the clients that want a consistent and even finish. Sandblasting is ideal for surfacing the steep and vertical driveways. However, this will dull the Colour and shape of the aggregate.

Pavilion finish

This finishing is done with an acid solution used to remove cement around the aggregate. The surface is ground down before applying the solution in various depths. Doing this will result into a more slip resistant concrete that has a finer texture finish. 

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