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In Pro Driveways Townsville, we assure our clients that all of our projects are durable and sturdy. With our various designs and Colours to choose from, we will surely find a finish that will complement the architecture of your home. From exposed aggregate to stencilled concrete, we are ready to begin building your dream driveway. Our team provides quality services from excavation to sealing. 

Our team is ready to fit your vision within your budget. We will also be here to guide you on how to properly manage, maintain, and care for your driveway. We take great pride in our expert craftsmen and our high-quality materials and equipment. All of our projects in Pro Driveways Townsville is guaranteed:

  • Long lasting and aesthetically pleasing
  • A wide range of design, shape, pattern, and colour options
  • Complete driveway installation service
  • Affordable yet durable
  • High quality driveway
This type of driveway is commonly used because not only is it good and durable, it is also affordable. Choosing to have a concrete solid driveway is what we consider a wise choice. It is not really totally maintenance free, but it will take a long time before you start to notice differences. With our team in Pro Driveways Townsville, you are guaranteed that your driveway will always look like you just had it installed yesterday.

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Our team uses durable and high-quality materials and equipment when building and installing the driveway to ensure its high quality. Concrete is always a good choice as it has the ability to last up to 35 years. However, with added proper care and maintenance, the concrete driveways we installed can remain in its prime condition for as long as 50 years and more.

The major advantage of concrete driveways is that it can withstand the Australian summer heat while being able to withstand the test of time. This is a wise choice for Townsville modern homes because it remains sufficiently cool despite the heat.

Driveway maintenance

To guarantee the durability of classic concrete driveways, proper maintenance and regular cleaning must be observed. With the use of a brush, you will scrub your driveway thoroughly. With a garden hose, you must then spray water on the driveway. 

By using quality sealants, any oil stains coming from the car can come off easily with the use of a spray. Indeed, the classic concrete driveway’s functionality and aesthetics will add more value to your home.

It is a good idea to consult with qualified experts to make sure that your driveway remains in perfect shape and condition for the decades to come.

You must also be asking our Pro Driveways Townsville experts about how long the concrete curing will be aside from the usual service costs and estimates inquiries. This should be done so you would have an idea when you could use your newly installed concrete driveway. Clients must also remember to follow maintenance tips such as:

Avoid heavyweights

With multiple vehicles like big trucks and vans passing by the driveway high stress will be placed on the driveway with its large truckloads of weight. This can cause damage on the driveway. For some time, we must avoid parking heavy vehicles.

Treat spills as soon as possible

Cleaning up ugly stains on driveways with urgency the moment you begin to notice is a wise choice. Doing this will prevent your driveway from requiring resurfacing before it actually needs it. Using an absorbent material like cat litter for a few hours to cover the stains must also be done. After some time, you may throw away the soiled materials and begin cleaning up the driveway using a household detergent.

Treat even small cracks immediately

Big problems happen because the small ones weren’t solved immediately. When small cracks begin to appear, a wise decision would be calling experts. The small cracks can widen without being noticed and will only become a bigger problem once the weeds start to grow.

With our extensive experience, we will give you the best solutions so you should call us whenever you need us!

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